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The purpose of the Task Force is to promote the safety, security and general welfare for the citizens of the North Metro area. The Cities and Counties of Colorado that participate in the Task Force are: 

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The North Metro Task Force, in an effort to combat illicit drug activity, works directly with the Police, Sheriff's, Fire Department, District Attorney, Building Inspectors, EPA, Health Department, Social Services, Legislature, Media, Health Providers, Parole Officers, and the Community. We are also working to enact legislation, provide training and education to raise the awareness of the growing number of Methamphetamine Labs in the State of Colorado. This site is intended to inform, educate, and provide resources to City/State agencies and the community.

Image of Hazardous Materials person with meth chemicals at a home

Is Your Neighborhood Safe?

After a Meth lab bust in a neighborhood home, the Hazardous Materials team removes dangerous chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

The increasing numbers of Methamphetamine (Meth) Labs in the State of Colorado have become headline news and epidemic in proportion. The personal, economic and environmental impact is devastating. Methamphetamine production is not a victimless crime. Task Force Members, Police Officers, Firemen, Hazardous Materials Teams, Emergency Medical Staff, Social Workers, Trash Collectors, Utility Workers and unsuspecting Citizens are exposed to the dangers of Meth Labs everyday.

Do you know what some of the dangers are?

  • Children of Methamphetamine manufacturers suffer burns, respiratory problems, toxic blood levels, neglect and abuse.
  • These labs are highly explosive and flammable threatening nearby properties.
  • The manufacturing process contaminates carpet, appliances, furniture, clothing, drywall, insulation, and the building itself.
  • The byproducts are extremely toxic.
  • These labs are polluting our air, water and land.
  • A Meth lab can be located anywhere; the house next door, hotels, motels, RV's, campers, trailers, public storage facilities, the highway, forests, and etc.
  • Many labs are portable which can make them difficult to find.
  • Watch the Fox 31 News video clip about Mobile Labs (requires Windows Media Player) 56k Modem , 100k ISDN/DSL, or 256k DSL/Cable.


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Image of the North Metro Task Force Shield The Meth Lab Location information for 2007, 2008 and 2009 has just been published.